Power of The Femme



Opening Show September 7th 

Erotica’s aim this year is to uncover “The Power of The Femme”.  What is it? We each have it but in our society an effeminate nature can be viewed as submissive or even as less than powerful.  Throughout our history we can find both men and women who have help shaped the world as we know it, both in works of fiction and non. The archetype of femme has often been characterized as “frail” or “sissy”.  It is beyond time to redefine our views of this affectation. Power comes in many forms. Power is not always found in the most “aggressive” form. Power can be healing, gentle in nature, and up lifting. If power is in the individual how do we collectively hold the power of femme?

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We are currently accepting submissions for this year’s show. All submission can be emailed to info@thesatellitegallery.com. Submission cut off date is August 1st. All work is expected for delivery during the weeks of August 19th through August 31st. Individual pick up dates can be worked out on your delivery day. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email zackrainsarts@gmail.com. Hope to see you at the show.