Mission Statement

Founded in 2015 by Zack Rains Erotica was a show developed for his artistic expression to be taken seriously and not judge for being of its nature.  Sense his first thoughts of the show he knew he wanted to involve his “hometown” community  and the communities from across the globe to be a part of the love.

Erotica, Advocacy Through The Arts, is a chance to explore our experiences visually through artistic expressions.  Each show sets initiations to have a dialogue about sexuality. Knowing the sexual revolution continues we as a culture continue to keep sex largely locked up in our closets. When spoken of sexuality and sex is often used as a shock factor. This behavior is demeaning of sexuality and ultimately disallows for sexual responsibility. Erotica hopes to be a catalyst for all classifications of genders to participate in an equitable, sexual conversation which in-return will encourage individual sexual responsibilities. Rooted in Asheville North Carolina Erotica is a gathering of all genres of Artists. Ultimately, in hope, Erotica wishes to be a gathering for every corner of the earth to heal, grow and empower.

Erotica welcomes everyone to participate. If you have a calling to submit your talents to Erotica please feel free to email us at info@thesatellitegallery.com for a chance to display your talents.

If you feel called to help or want to start a dialogue about an upcoming show please feel free to email zackrainsarts@gmail.com.


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